Our Features

We work towards perfection and stop at nothing. We empower you with an ERP that collects
and analyzes data and compiles it for you.

The features of our ERP allow you to manage your business functions in a centralized and integrated system. Usually, ERPs that most companies use work with a supply chain, which enables it to track various aspects of the business. Today, at Gluon RiceX we offer organizations like non-profits, hospitality, healthcare, and construction, with a solution that works in an amazing way.

The ERP stores all your valuable data in one database, allowing everyone to access synchronized data and avoiding unnecessary problems in reporting and analysis. In addition, it simplifies customer management, business intelligence, inventory, supply chain, and financial management.

User rights

Gluon RiceX protects the users’ rights by ensuring compliance with the ERP best practices. We offer users a customizable and scalable alternative so you can use the permissions and add security, as you feel best.


If you are a multinational company or a company with multiple outlets, with Gluon RiceX, you can get all the data in a centralized place so that you can analyze it and make informed decisions.


Gluon RiceX allows you to convert the currency into various others, offering you a dynamic and convenient way to manage your accounts and financial statements.

Collaborate with your team members and invite them to share their data on a centralized platform. We offer you an all in one solution for all your work-related activities.

You can define the different user roles as they are in real-life. This way, you can track each employees’ roles and collaborate from across the globe.

Documents attachments

We understand the hassles that come with incapacity to share documents across the globe. It can be a major hindrance, which is why we have made it easier. You can easily import, export, and share documents.

Approval hierarchy

Every organization has an approval hierarchy, and with Gluon RiceX, it becomes easier to manage protocol and different departments in the organization.

Mobile App

With our Gluon RiceX mobile app, managing the different aspects of your business on the go is something you can enjoy. Manage your work on the go, without hassles and delays.

SMS integration

Gluon RiceX has the capacity to support SMS sending. You can notify your entire team and customers about the latest news using this feature.

Email Integration

Gluon RiceX is easy to integrate with various email platforms. For more information or assistance with this, you can always contact us.

Reports customizations

Gluon RiceX allows you to use readymade report templates. However, because we understand that, every customer has unique needs; our software allows you to customize the reports.
We realize the risk of losing huge data. It can have detrimental consequences for any business. This is why we offer our clients a solid way of storing backup data. The features as explained as follows.

Online Backup

Gluon RiceX has a dependable online backup system. We assist you with the following aspects to ensure you have a great and smooth experience with our ERP system:

  • System Administration
  • Accounts Management
  • Cash and banks Management
  • Budgeting
  • Financial management
  • Suppliers / Procurement
  • Customers / Sales
  • Husking / Production
  • Processing / Production
  • Inventory Management
  • General Store Management
  • Packing Material management
  • Exports
  • Customer Inventory / Party Processing
  • Business intelligence

If you need more support or have a question, please feel free to contact us