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Accounts Management

The financial accounting module in Gluon RiceX gives a company much better control. Integrating ERP helps rice industry to do central tracking of financial accounting data. The ERP also manages the general ledger, makes and releases purchase orders, makes sales order, and aids with closing the accounts at year-end without issues.

Cash and banks Management

A good cash management system is important for business health. If your business lacks positive cash flow then you are at the risk of a huge failure specifically in Rice Industry where the transaction volume is low but a bit complex. The cash management feature in Gluon RiceX ERP helps you manage the cash flow with proper recording of day-to-day transactions, bank account reconciliation fund transfers, and cash balances.

Rice Husking / Production

Gluon RiceX ERP gives you production management. It centralizes financial management, scheduling and supply chain management to help you make the right decisions and manage cost. It is a platform that offers you the ability to use make-to-order, configure-to-order so that you can manage and stock shop floor control. It is an innovative software with numerous solutions

Processing / Production

This innovative software is an all in one business management software that gives you the ability to manage and automate the back office functions related to services, human resources, the production process, supply, etc.

Rice – General Store Management

The General Store Management feature in Gluon RiceX ERP is not complicated. It has all the features a retailer needs to grow his or her business. Our software is a one-stop solution with great support. You can achieve enhanced visibility to manage the inventory and track sales, identify customer-purchasing trends, and increase productivity.

Packing Material management

Due to its innovative design, Gluon RiceX ERP is the ideal software for you if you want to manage complex packing materials. You can set a budget and set when to order the materials from the vendor. This software will monitor the inventory and place the order in time so that you do not run out of supplies.

Rice Exports Management

For companies that are distributors of goods locally and internationally, there are import/export compliance concerns. Gluon RiceX ERP helps you maintain and automate the process of compliance because violations can trigger penalties and fines.

Customer Inventory / Party Processing

If you own a business that delivers products to customers, then using Gluon RiceX ERP makes the process efficient. Some organizations manage the customer’s inventory at their sites. This can benefit both the customer and the vendor because it gives you a clear idea about the quantity in the inventory and demand.

Inventory Management

Inventory management means integrating Gluon RiceX ERP into your business operations and planning to manage logistics, inventory, operations, and finances. You can know how much stock is on the shelf and automate order sending to vendors to maintain a smooth supply chain.


As your business enters a budgeting cycle, you need to make the entire process of budgeting easier. Gluon RiceX ERP provides you with the necessary data including current sales forecasts, performances, expenses, and other details to know the budget and manage it. The ERP budgets typically reflect these three aspects: Past year’s performance, projected revenue, and projected expenses.

Financial management

Gluon RiceX ERP serves as a comprehensive financial management system. It ensures revenue tracking, credit management, customer payment schedules, and other aspects of financial management. It gives you timely reminders to prevent customer complaints.

Suppliers / Procurement

Gluon RiceX ERP helps you manage the procurement process, track spending, and manage your budget. Using this ERP system makes the purchasing of supplies or services easier.

Customers / Sales

You need accurate order entries in your balance sheet. This is where Gluon RiceX ERP comes to your assistance. It simplifies the sales order entry and automatically updates relevant fiends in your database. It is designed to streamline all the operations of the company. It manages data from the inventory, order entry, warehouse management, accounting, and contact management.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence means data in the form of actionable insights that help you make better and quicker decisions about the business. Gluon RiceX ERP can be your eyes and ears, allowing you to monitor the KPIs or key productivity indicators to make changes where they are necessary.

System Administration

An ERP system administration is a function that manages the ERP software. This professional in this role is familiar with the different features and functions in the software. The system administration wears many hats and handles troubleshooting the system, database backup, manages communication, and schedules managing interfaces.


Choose us simply because we want to make life easy for you and improve your internal business process and overall performance.

An ERP system or Enterprise Resource Planning system helps businesses (small or large) manage their numerous functions using a centralized system that can integrate with their business. Nowadays, numerous organizations (including healthcare facilities, construction businesses, hospitality companies, and nonprofit organizations) are implementing ERPs.

GLUON RICEX stores all the date of your business and makes it available in a single database. This allows all departments to work together using the same information. This makes reporting and analyzing reports easier. It offers:

Ease of use

The user interface is very friendly and easy to understand. There is no need for additional training of the staff.

Access it globally

GLUON RICEX allows users from across the globe to access centralized information. This makes it quick and effective for users to access information no matter where they are.

Cost-effective Solution

For startups, one of the main challenges is managing data with the least cost. GLUON RICEX is affordable and ideal for small and startup businesses.










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GLUON ERP literally helped me make my business processing efficient and smart to use. Earlier we have been using ERP software of another company which caused lots of distress. When we were just embarking on our search for a new ERP system, we had no idea that GLUON ERP will literally keep it words by “taking business to next heights”. Our company is enjoying the profound benefits and I believe we are on Track

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